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Pure Leverage Review: Earning Through Internet Marketing

By Brian and Jeff On April 12, 2013 Under MLM-Programs-P

In the current times, an internet business has proven to be a very lucrative venture that offers great success for serious takers. The catch here is the seriousness of every entrepreneur to learn the ins and outs of effective internet marketing. To attain this, it is necessary to equip one’s self with the needed tools, knowledge, and strategies so that the chance for success is greatly increased. An online entrepreneur, whether an amateur or experienced one, needs to be open to new ways where they can enhance their businesses, rather than stick to old programs. This is where Pure Leverage comes in.

What is Pure Leverage?

It is a program that includes various products that are all focused on earning through internet marketing. By the use of these tools and the training the company will give, anyone who becomes a member will get a chance to have a steady income through the internet.

The Products

Elite Coaching Program – To start the process, the company provides a coaching tool that will teach you how to get your business off the ground. From handling your team and clients to various marketing techniques, they have a step-by-step procedure and a proven plan that guarantees income within 30 days.

Easy Lead Flow – This is a lead capture system. It helps you get the leads you need because the more leads you capture, the more money you will earn. The good thing about this system is it does not require you to learn the technical intricacies anymore as most actions are automated, like the responding email. This helps build trust among your prospects, which will eventually increase your site’s statistics.

Blog – The company will also build a blog for your business. The business owner will provide the contents, but adequate assistance will be provided by their team, such as giving ideas on what to write about and the right time to publish them.

Turbo Traffic Generation – Having a lot of traffic is the heart of any internet business, as this is where earnings come from. This traffic generation tool will teach you how and where to get this traffic. The good thing about this is it is not focused on numbers alone, but also in quality. It is essential that the traffic generated is targeted for higher conversion rates.

Video Email Service – Videos are more effective in conveying a message than simple emails do. This tool provides a template you can follow and video hosting so you can send your recorded message to your team and prospects.

Live Meeting Room – This tool will help you meet with your clients and team online for product presentations, webinars, discussions, trainings, and file sharing. This aims to strengthen your team and your connection with clients.


Earnings here are similar to multilevel marketing programs that give you commissions on the business you get from your downline. The good thing is you are allowed unlimited width on direct referrals and unlimited depth down the line. This company will give 100% commission for the first month and 50% for the succeeding months for all business done under you. This is more than lots of other marketing programs that only offer up to 40%.

What’s good about this service, aside from its low cost, is that it is backed by trustworthy people who have gained success in the world of internet marketing. Their methods have paved the way for their success, so using their system will most likely give the same results to anyone.


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