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A Review Of The Lab Active Network Marketing Company

By Brian and Jeff On April 12, 2013 Under MLM-Programs-L

Lab active is a series of products that will be launched very soon. Once released into the market, these products will add to the existing line of shakes, energy drinks and other top of the range products that drive an active lifestyle. According to the pre-launch research, the drinks will be a favorite of many once dispatched into the stores.

The Products are manufactured with natural raw materials without any preservatives or other artificial additives. Some of the products included in this line are, fresh passion juice, raw, Edge, carbonated mango-Steen, breeze, Raw with caffeine, Carbonated berry drink and a mild caffeinated citrus based drink. All the aforementioned drinks will have an objective of boosting energy levels to make you feel energetic and fight the feeling of fatigue. These products will target people who feel weak in the morning or late in the afternoon. Once you consume any of these products, you will feel energetic and have extra energy to start your day or continue working.

The product will be available once you accept to sign up for a pre-registration offer package that comes with a guaranteed position in the company’s “social matrix”. The membership fee is $275; people from other towns such as Hawaii and Alaska are required to pay an extra $50 to cater for transport charges. Anyone who would like to pre-register can visit the website and complete the registration form available online. You will be charged $95 after the lapse of the pre-registration period. This will enable the registered members to earn a 10% commission on any product from any of the customers they have introduced personally. For executive members, the special packaged price is tagged at $265. This will allow you to take part in the products “social matrix” plan of compensation.

The compensation will be based on commissions at different levels, where executive members attract a 25% commission on any product purchased by a customer or consumer that they have introduced personally to the program. In addition a further 2-4% commission will be rewarded to the members on the total product sales figures within the so called social matrix.

The lab active series of products will be available from our partners, suppliers and distributors. This is one of the many ways that you can work from home and make money or another way to supplement your income in today’s hard economic times. The benefit of this matrix mode of compensation is that, you generate income on products sold by other people that you introduce to the scheme. If you are among the first members, the income generated will grow on a daily basis as most of the new members may be joined under your social matrix. At one point your income will basically be generated from the social matrix so long as the members in the matrix are active and vibrant.

The secret of success in the matrix mode based compensation lies in the identification of active members who will sell the products and generate a high sales volume otherwise the income generated can be very low. Its a perfect idea for a home based income generating opportunity. All you need is to locate a distributor of their products and build a business.


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