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A Review of the Just Jewelry Network Marketing Company

By Brian and Jeff On April 12, 2013 Under MLM-Programs-J

Just Jewelry had started its dream run in 2002 at Springboro which is a direct selling association. It basically deals with jewelry for home shows, parties and special events. The company praises its reliance upon women by saying that “they should look great”. That is why the price of the products start within a range of $15.00 to $34.00. The parties are organized in an open space with no pressure of sales.

Hostesses to the shindig can get the special offer lined up for them. They will receive a special earring with some discounts, half price items and an opportunity to make a monthly purchase of $8.00. Being a leader, gives you the opportunity to be blessed with a great life style, family values and a dream to cherish. The company provides affordable, quality products to make your every dream come true. In brief, the company needs to succeed by giving positive contribution to society. The local community and consultant is a key to their success.

Their commerce is originated on the base of the direct selling market. That means the product will be given to the end user directly. To start the business globally, several enrolment options are available. Consultants can start purchasing the business kit by paying $118.00. Besides that the consultant has to buy jewellery at a wholesale buy of $250.00 to be an active member. The addition, new consultants will require more business kits to deliver.

They can choose up to three selected kits before purchase. The consultants can select one out of three pre selected kits. The use of these kits will provide the necessary tools, support and help them in decision making strategy to run their successive business. The set up of business is globally accepted in this system as it runs in the internet arena.

According to their work, the consultants get paid with incentives. The secure and effective payment system is a flexible footprint to direct sales marketing. On their personal sales they can earn up to 50 percent of the profits. The company has the perfect online set up for their consultants to add new members to their team. As new members are added in the team they are generating more incentives. They can run their directory through proper authentication to get in touch. In this process, if the consultants are delivering well above their boundary then they win promotional bonuses like vacations, cars etc.

With the fast advancement in technology “Just Jewelry” is becoming a brand that everybody knows. The market for jewellery is best when it is being displayed with high resolution graphics. Beyond that it reaches out straight to the customer via the concept of direct sales marketing strategy. Both of these processes are very helpful for the greedy customers as they believe in end to end service.

The way to make money and exciting features are found in this company. Displaying existing features, new products are stretching the business to achieve each and every single need. Another issue they use to entertain the customer is the presence of additional shopping carts and a streamlined payment system.


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