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It Works Marketing Expert Review by Brian Garvin and Jeff West

By Brian and Jeff On March 29, 2009 Under MLM-Programs-I

First off we have to talk about their catchy name; It Works Marketing. Seriously, who wouldn’t find that to be a eye-stopping headline somewhere on the internet wanting to know more about what they are all about? Then to our surprise (just kidding) it is another company within the health and wellness industry. Just stop and think for a second how many of these companies are out there and what it means that they are all still in business.

Yep, that means consumers are spending millions if not billions of dollars on products in the health care industry. It Works Marketing deals with weight loss over everything else, which isn’t surprising either considering all the propaganda on television about how everyone needs to be thin to look amazing. They offer everything from body wraps to help lose weight, to an online program that focuses on food induced thermogenics. That is their unique distinction over other companies, but how about their pay plan if you want to become involved with them?

Alright, the way It Works Marketing can make you money by what they call their “Perfect 10″ system. This includes gaining 5 new distributors on the right side and 5 new customers on the left side. After that it is just a process of duplication, teaching each of your new distributors to do the same things so that your downline can grow rapidly.

This is what caught our attention probably more than anything else, and for those that are having financial issues, we can see how this could be very eye catching. It Works Marketing offers a bonus that almost sounds unheard of, but we just had to share it with you because most people will be interested in hearing about it. They have a “Gather 60 Customers” car program that states if you can get 60 customers and accumulate $3,000 in monthly sales the company will give you a $600 car allowance.

We have to admit that its definitely a great way to entice people to join, but we also understand the money is just as important, so we took a look at their “Generation Bonus Program” which is like being a scout finding new people who you think could be leaders in the company like yourself.

They have a 9% commission which is the earning platform for all volume created by them as well as 4% of the ones they recruit as well. It Works Marketing also has another program on top of these where you can receive $100 per distributor, but that is a little more complicated and something you should read about on their website.

For a company with so much to offer like anti-aging products that we didn’t even cover, the initial upfront cost that It Works Marketing asks isn’t like we thought it would be. Throwing around money in the pay plan we originally thought it would have to be around $500-$1000 to join, but in reality you can begin with a $35 fee. This offer is Distributor status, but you can also build your way up to the two other programs, which each cost $299.

After spending a couple hours over there we can say we’ve given you the bulk of the information we found. If you need more they have testimonials and other information we haven’t covered, to help you make a wise decision. When you do, be sure to check out their “News” section with information from CNN and ABC talking about It Works Marketing in positive ways.


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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Michelle Sanchez
    November 17, 2009
    9:03 pm

    The enrollment cost is now only $199 to become an It Works Distributor, and includes 8 Ultimate Body Applicators, the hottest selling sizzle product, to help you get started and earn your money back (8 Samples x $25 each = $200)! See official ad link above!

  2. Deanna
    November 24, 2009
    12:54 pm

    It Works! Marketing is now available in Canada and there is tons of room to grow as a distributor . The products are top-notch , formulated from the best natural ingredients available . We offer supplements , skin care products , and a one of a kind body slimming applicator that is site specific that helps tighten , tone , and detoxify the area you apply it too . For more information on the products , the people and the opportunities available please contact me .

  3. Mary Schreifels
    May 20, 2010
    12:57 pm

    I’ve been with It Works for 6 months and LOVE it! I’m sharing products that I’ve personally used to lose 25 inches off my body so I know they work! I’m making enough money now so that I only have to work part time at my other job and my business has been growing like mad since March! I work very hard to help my team grow-it’s incredible how the whole company comes together as a team to help everyone be successful! We are not only in Canada, we are now in the UK & Australia! It’s a great time to start your business! If you are looking for financial freedom give me a call!

  4. b a moron
    October 31, 2010
    8:04 am

    Unfortunately, my wife is a bit naive and fell for this MLM SCAM! I cant believe that people in this day and age will actually believe that wrapping youself up will make you lose weight. I have an idea, how about you try NOT taking the easy way out and getting a little exercise and watching what you eat. This is America and people can chose to waste money if they want, but come on…