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Innovage Expert Review by Brian Garvin and Jeff West

By Brian and Jeff On March 29, 2009 Under MLM-Programs-I

When it comes to networking and the opportunity to work with big-name brands, Innovage is there and waiting to do business with you. Innovage provides smaller lots of products from larger lots that they purchase from large name-brand manufacturers. In an industry that sometimes seems precarious at best, Innovage offers a great deal of stability and strength.

Innovage is essentially a networking program; Innovage’s business is supply good merchandise at a low cost to their customers and it is interesting to note that while this is certainly nothing new, Innovage has been in business for more than twenty years. With a wholly successful business record in that amount of time, Innovage has already put itself ahead of its competitors in this regard. You will find that Innovage can supply a great variety of products with seemingly low strain.

Another thing that Innovage offers is a constant change in product lineup while maintaining an excellent relationship with some of its big-name suppliers. Crayola school supplies and Samsonite luggage are two of the famous brands that Innovage works with, and as a distributor, it can easily be seen that this relationship is quite mutually beneficial. Moreover, Innovage has a strong reputation for stability and strength, something that is very important when it comes to new financiers or people who are new to multilevel marketing.

In terms of having goods that people want, Innovage may be at the top of the line. Crayola and Samsonite were mentioned above, but it certainly doesn’t end there. Disney, Warner Brothers and Vivitar are all brands with which Innovage has a stable working relationship, and you’ll find that because of this, they are able to do good business with their own associates.

When it comes to testimonials, Innovage has received a great deal of compliments, and it is easy to see that the people doing the complimenting are not praising this company lightly! Innovage is credited with keeping stores running smoothly and for always providing reliable service, something that can be difficult to get. Innovage is praised for being an excellent supplier to work with, and regardless of the goods under discussion, it is obvious that Innovage puts its customers’ priorities first.

If you are looking to sell some of the products that Innovage offers, you may have found an great supplier. The Innovage site is an excellent one to explore, and the information they offer about their services is quite comprehensive. Although you will have to decide if Innovage is a perfect fit for you, do make sure you investigate this opportunity thoroughly.


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