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Immunotec Expert Review by Brian Garvin and Jeff West

By Brian and Jeff On March 29, 2009 Under MLM-Programs-I

Immunotec is a health based company offering products backed by science and opportunities for distributors to create financial freedom. Founded in 1996, Immunotec has grown tremendously with over 15,000 distributors throughout the United States and Canada. The company has managed to remain debt free since its inception with major banks such as La Caisse de depot placement du Quebec investing several million dollars and earning stakes in Immunotec. Their signature product is Immunocal, a milk based serum which supports immune system functions.

The President and CEO, James A. Northrop is known for his experience in direct sales, fashion, packaged consumer products, retail and cosmetics industries. He has served as CEO, chairman and President for various companies which significantly grew under his leadership. As the head of Immunotec, Mr. Northrop’s company mission is to provide consumers with quality products, “grounded in solid science, which help to enhance their health and well-being.” Besides the actual products, James also believes that allowing customers to become Immunotec distributors aids in improving lives by offering a unique opportunity to own their own business.

Combining science and business experience is what sets Immunotec apart from the competition. Immunotec is a member of the U.S. and Canadian Direct Selling Associations which follows DSA standards that requires companies to make no claims, statements or promises that could potentially mislead the public. All products that promote health have been researched by one of Immunotec’s esteemed founders, Dieter Beer and one of the first men to begin researching whey protein in 1978, Dr. Gustavo Bounous.

The two partnered up to extensively research the products which shape Immunotec today. Immunocal/HMS 90 was discovered by Dr. Bounous who received recognition as a Career Investigator for the Canadian Research Council, was honored with the Medal of Royal College of Physicians and remains a lifetime member of Canada’s Research Council.

Immunotec offers customers a large selection of health-related products. Health and nutrition products include Immunocal Platinum, Immunocal and Omega-3. Products in their well-being line include Xtra Sharp-X5 Fruit, Cherry Concentrate and Magistral. For weight loss and fitness, Immunotec offers PNT 200, Prycena and Prycena Thermal Action among others. The company also has a line of body products as well as books and other literature.

To become an Immunotec distributor, one must contact the company and request information. Distributors are able to sell products on their own time and be compensated for their efforts by the company. Immunotec holds many events to help their distributors succeed. Red Carpet Days give members full access to company headquarters where they can receive personal training. Distributors also receive paid accommodations, a tour of Immunotec headquarters and get to meet with the folks who are running the company.


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9 Comments Add yours

  1. Alex
    April 22, 2009
    9:04 pm

    Hey Brian & Jeff,

    Really great post here about Immunotec! They’ve really created a great product… well many other mlm companies have created great products as well. Did you know that their flagship product was originally not going to be sold through the mlm model? I wonder what changed their minds. Anyway great post and this really is a great site anyone can go to to find unbiased reviews on different mlm compaines. Keep it up!


  2. Gary Marsden
    June 2, 2009
    10:05 pm

    I am a new member of Immunotec. I have found the products to be top notch. Also the way they do business is very refreshing. Free leads and constant support make me a believer in this company and this opportunity.

  3. Dr. Barbara Pike, BPHE, DC
    June 25, 2009
    8:47 pm

    Immunocal is listed in the USA Physicians Desk Reference(PDR) in the complimentary health product section as a valid, researched product with proven benefits; it is listed in the Canadian equivalent as well.
    So while I am a drugless therapist/healthcare professional for 27+ years, there is more validity to the benefits claim, than many many ‘miracle natural products’. The PDR listing offers indications & contraindications for Immunocal use, in the same format as all of the pharmaceutical drugs in this drug bible, used by USA & Canadian MD’s and complimentary healthcare practitioners

  4. Anthony P.
    August 13, 2009
    8:24 am

    Good review Brian. Keep up the good work. Also it may be of considerable value to your audience if you made a point of re-visiting these company reviews every 1 or 2 years to see the developments in their evolution as companies and as players in their respective industries. Thanks again for your quality coverage.

  5. Brian and Jeff
    August 13, 2009
    8:34 am

    Hi Anthony,

    Thanks for your great feedback :-)

    What we were hoping for is to write the review, and have you guys update us as things change about the program through your comment posts. We’re always glad to hear from you. There’s nothing better than updates from people like you that are in the field, that’s how we keep everyone informed and is why we needed to convert this from a website to a blog in April this year. Feel free to add your comments anytime.

    If you know someone that wants to correct one of our posts, all they have to do is submit a comment, that goes for any one of the programs listed here. It’s always very refreshing for us to get feedback, even if it’s negative about a program or even us. We feel everyone has a right to their opinion.

    There’s a few posts we’ve had to decline, mostly personal attacks on us with cuss words (since this is a “G” rated site), but other than that pretty much anything goes. It also gives you a chance to promote the program you’re in.

    Thanks Again!
    Brian Garvin

  6. Laura
    September 27, 2009
    11:24 am

    Dear Brian and Jeff;

    These are all excellent posts. There have been some updates to Immunotec’s products since the original description, and I would be happy to add them in here.

    The current weight loss products are PNT200, a natural milk based anxiolytic that binds to the GABA receptors of your brain and blocks cortisol production, and the FITT meal replacement shake and Thermal Action. ( FITT replaced Prycena about 1 year ago.) This month, the company released a new Probiotic supplement that contains probiotics, prebiotics, and high ORAC Cranberry concentrate.

    PNT200 and Immunocal both hold pharmaceutical patents, though they are naturally sourced from milk. They are considered nutraceuticals or medicinal foods.

    The company’s new tagline is “Optimizing Your Immunity, Wellbeing, and Wealth”. More focus is being put into Immunotec as the authentic leader in immune enhancement and wellbeing.

    For Alex, the reason Immunotec went to MLM is because the pharmaceutical companies turned them down. $40 million was spent on research to get this tested and listed in the PDR, and it was indeed intended for the drug industry. They look for products that cost pennies to make, so they can charge dollars. Since Immunocal is relatively expensive to make compared to other drugs, it didn’t fit their profit margins, and they didn’t want it. The company decided this was the best way to get Immunocal out in the hands of people at a price that was affordable, around $2-3 a pouch. The whole story of Immunocal and how it came to be is told in the book “Breakthrough in Cell-Defense” by Dr. Gustavo Bounous and Dr. Allan Somersall. If you would like more information, you can googe my business name anytime, Immune Health Solutions and I would be happy to keep you updated. I have spent hundreds of hours writing my own educational site about the health effects of glutathione and the human immune system.

    .-= Laura´s last blog ..Dr. Mark Hyman Shares 3 Easy Steps to Eliminate Heartburn Naturally =-.

  7. Laura
    September 27, 2009
    12:36 pm

    One important edit-

    $40 million was the company revenue last year, not the amount originally invested in research. My apologies. This year’s revenue remains to be seen, but we are told that Immunotec is set for unprecendented growth this year, looking at the trends and positioning in the marketplace.

    The research money originally invested in Immunocal was closer to $10 Million by a wealthy benefactor by the name of Mr. Dieter Beer. He invested because his mother recovered from an inoperable lung cancer after taking several boxes of Bounous’ white powder. This was the great grandfather of Immunocal.

    Millions of dollars continue to be poured into additional research year after year, and continues to the present.

    So we should continue to see good news on PubMed, sponsored by the National Institutes of Health regarding research with Immunocal and various diseases states. This too is good for business, as it adds credibility to what we say as consultants.

    .-= Laura´s last blog ..Pay It Forward – Tell 3 People =-.

  8. Brian and Jeff
    September 27, 2009
    1:22 pm

    Hi Laura,

    This is outstanding information! Thanks again for helping us keep this page updated for everyone. I like your blog too, very informative :-)

    Brian Garvin

  9. JC LINN
    May 31, 2010
    7:43 pm

    All very interesting research! I continue to learn more about glutathione and Immunotec with each passing blog and scientific research.
    DR JC