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iLearningGlobal Network Marketing Opportunity Expert Review

By Brian and Jeff On April 19, 2009 Under MLM-Programs-I

Our research shows that iLearningGlobal went live in April 2008 so it doesn’t appear to be a very old company. This MLM Opportunity was founded by Dolf De Roos. The first thing I noticed when I visited the Corporate Website was that it was pretty cutting edge with great video, decent Google Page Rank and sample audios and vidoes MLM Prospects can preview before they decide to signup.

As a member of iLearningGlobal, you will have access to the internet’s largest library of todays top speakers, trainers and authors which will be brought to you in a Full Screen, High Definition TV experience. You will receive life changing content from the Worlds Masters on a weekly basis covering all the essential topics for never ending improvement in both your business and personal life. They have a free plug-in that you can download that will allow you to view their free preview videos so you can sample some of this High Definition Video Content before you decide to become a member.

iLearningGlobal has an E-brary which will allow you to view pdf’s, articles and workbooks from top trainers. As a free member you’ll be able to view samples, but as a full member you’ll receive unrestricted access to all of this material. They offer an Audio Booth which offers Audio Programs, Audio Books and Audio Interviews from some of the top masters. The Video Theater offers Classic Videos and ILG originals. These are a few of their mini presentations you can view as a free member as well.

As a iLearningGlobal paid member, you will have unrestricted access to hundreds of high definition and classic videos, a large collection of inspiring audio presentations and a growing number of ebooks by some of the worlds best selling authors. As an ILG member, you will also have access to the monthly guided education path and mobile downloads that you can take with you on the go.

iLearningGlobal has introduced the concept of the EVE Ratio. What this means is the Education vs. Entertainment ratio. And what they say is that most people invest way too much in entertainment and almost nothing in education. And by doing this millions of americans are spending so much on entertainment and so little on education that they are buying a ticket to the poor house. The company feels this ratio has a direct impact on your ability to earn income and will determine your destiny.

A free exercise they give you on their website is to list all your entertainment expenses in a typical month and add them up. Then add up the hours you spend entertaining yourself each month. iLearningGlobal says this money and time spent only brings artificial fulfillment into your life but not real prosperity and that entertainment just feeds your comfort addiction. Now you should make a list of areas that you spend on education in a typical month like Seminars, Training, Classes and Books. Now write down the hours you spend on education in the same month.

Most people have a ratio of 100:1 for dollars spent on Entertainment vs. Education or 100x more on Entertainment vs. Education. And the time ratio is even higher than this in favor of Entertainment. Their philosophy is that if you just spend a little more each month toward Education, you can change your entire life, and iLearningGlobal offers a very inexpensive way to do this. Not only to achieve professional success but personal success as well.

This Company Is Out Of Business


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