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A Review of Chews-4-Health International

By Brian and Jeff On April 15, 2013 Under MLM-Programs-C

Chews-4-Health International is a home based business opportunity whose head quarters are in Wilmington, North Carolina. It is headed by reputable health experts who have beaten all the odds to ensure that the company offers the best to the world. According to the reviews that have been given concerning the company, it is evident that it’s focus is to enhance the standards of living of its members.

The company was founded in April, 2008 by Dr. David Friedman. David Friedman is a renowned nutritionist who has spent several years carrying out research in the health sector. He has even hosted several television shows that were meant to sensitize the public on healthy living.

The company markets a product that is identified as ‘chews-4-health’. As the name suggests, the firm specializes in enhancing the health status of its members. Chew-4-health is a natural supplement that is introduced into the body by chewing. It contains vitamins, amino acids, minerals, trace minerals, antioxidants and several other substances that are essential for healthy living. It is a delicious supplement that has been formulated under hygienic conditions.

Getting Started With Chews-4-Health International

With this firm, you can build your business for as low as $39.00 per month. That is not all. In addition to the profits that you will earn, the company has a compensation plan whereby you will earn up to 24% in commissions. Don’t forget that the Chew-for-Health Company has six methods which can be adopted to earn commissions. Similarly, a 3% Global Bonus Pool of nineteen international markets.

There is also a back office that is provided to active members. The back office is a free service that is designed to provide the members with genealogy reports among other services like letters that convey updated information to the members. It should be remembered that the commissions that are earned by qualified members will receive personalized Chew-4-Health Debit cards and Master cards. The earned commissions will be credited to the debit cards regularly i.e. on a weekly basis.

Ideally, there is nothing to worry about with Chew-4-Life International. Reviews that are posted by the members are impressive and they give a hint that the company has something in store for every new member. As you can see, their mode of payment is reliable and above all, it is accessible to all considering the fact that withdrawing foreign funds is a problem in most countries. The company has made it possible to withdraw the earnings in the most flexible way that will not pose any challenge to the members.

The bottom line If you have read this article, definitely, you have realized that the company can assist you in two ways;

It will assist you to lead a healthy life and
It is a real avenue to build a financially stable background through working from home.

It is therefore advisable to take the next step. The best thing to do is to take some action by contacting the firm for details on how to get started. Surely, you will never regret every step that you take in trying to work with this company.


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