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A Review of the BCharmed Network Marketing Opportunity

By Brian and Jeff On April 12, 2013 Under MLM-Programs-B

Not only is it an expression of beauty but jewellery has been used for many years to bring out expressions of love and wealth. However, jewellery has to be beautiful to express beauty. Shoppers and jewellery lovers thus find it hard to find the right type of jewellery, one which brings out their personality and expressions. To make impressive jewellery that can please the eyes of a shopper, it calls for the right jewellery designers.

Thus, satisfied jewelry shoppers and good designers calibrate beauty. At BCharmed, both shoppers and designers get an opportunity to express their love for jewellery. It also gives designers and stylists a chance to express their love for style and fashion while providing jewellery shoppers with a market full of beautiful and fashionable jewels. It provides for a variety of ways for their visitors and customers to experience charming opportunities.

Company Goals

The main goal of BCharmed is to inspire their clients to be themselves. Shoppers get beautiful jewels that fit their personality and express their passion to look beautiful. Designers on the other hand get great deals that inspire them to create wonderful designs and share them to the world. It is therefore geared towards customer and partner satisfaction.

Shoppers at BCharmed can shop for amazing jewels online or locate a stylist near their location with a map. By finding a stylist, wholesale shoppers can get discounts for jewels they buy. All that’s required is a zip code to find a shopper in the nearest location in that area. Alternatively, shoppers can buy from many beautiful jewels on the site at affordable prices. The beautiful jewels are hand crafted which is a reason for their top quality.

A great deal is also available for jewel lovers to host a boutique. They Can enjoy this fun and easily deal by meeting new friends and jewellery lovers. To host a boutique, all you need to do is locate a stylist using the stylist locator available on their website. The locator then schedules the host a night out with their friends.

Business opportunities are available for designers to showcase their skills to the world at large. Many designers have had the opportunity to design for BCharmed which has enabled them improve their skills and also create amazing jewelry. Designers from all over the world are welcome to share their exquisite designs with the world.

Flexibility is given to those who wish to become stylists as they are given a chance to be independent and set their own goals. Being a stylist can be good and rewarding for jewel lovers and therefore opportunity is given to be stylish while helping others be stylish too.

This costs a minimum of a $300 opening order to get started which is very welcoming. Moreover, a stylist earns a 50% profit on their sales at the time of sale with no waiting for commission checks in the mail. BCharmed thus works towards fulfilling the dreams of its shoppers, designers and stylists by providing these amazing and fun opportunities for them.


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