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A Review Of The Alex Von Network Marketing Company

By Brian and Jeff On April 12, 2013 Under MLM-Programs-A

Are you a woman and need to make money? Then Alex Von is the company to look for. Alex Von was established in 2010 and provides women with abundant opportunities to make money by simply selling the products from socially responsible boutique brands. They sell high quality natural organic beauties and children products. Basically, the Alex Von company is a direct sales company that empowers women to make extra cash by simply marketing and selling its product.

The Alex Von Company is a goal oriented company and works towards achieving all its goals. Its main goal goes serving their community and to build a community of sellers, vendors and consumers who are committed to each others prosperity and well being. All the customers, vendors and sellers for Alex Von Company form a very large team that takes care of each other. If you are interested to work with this company, you automatically qualify to join in the team and are rest assured to be taken care of as you earn your money.

The second core value of the company is to provide excellent services to all its consumers. All the recruited sellers and vendors are well trained with relevant marketing strategies which include good customer relations and quality service distribution, so as to ensure that all their customers are taken good care of and receive the best services.

When one talks about a company, people always think of the returns or profits the company makes. As the main core goal of Alex Von Company, it strives to create a business that is financially stable and very rewarding to all the parties involved. Their sellers, vendors and management team working for Alex Von company are in the right place because the company protects its seller and vendors needs, ensuring they get maximum returns from their hard work.

With the many numerous advantages of working with the Alex Von Company, some will start to ask the enrollment options with this company. Well, the answer is simple, the Alex Von company offers all who want to enroll with them a sample goody bag worth 10 dollars, so that they can try the company product and familiarize themselves with what they will be dealing with; this is before they sign up. The full Alex Von kit only cost 109 dollars plus 10 dollars for shipping, and you will be ready to work and start earning.

The compensation plan is very attractive. The Alex Von consultants earn up to 40 percent commission from sales made for the brands they represent. But this is not all; the consultants are also entitled to 10 to 15 percent residual commission on other brands their customers buy from the Alex Von Company. As you can see the returns are very high.

For any consultants who choose to build the company’s team, they receive a one time referral bonus for each new consultant. The bonus can go up to 10 percent commission on sales for their first line for each active recruited consultant. This shows that the Alex Von company takes care of its team.


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