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Talk Fusion Opportunity Review: This Is The One!

By Brian and Jeff On January 7, 2015 NO COMMENTS

This Talk Fusion Opportunity Review will reveal why ALL Entrepreneurs are being called! Talk Fusion was launched here in the U.S, just recently. From its inception, Talk Fusion has been redesigning business communication and marketing on the Internet.

The new ideas that are included within the Talk Fusion plans are an abundance of solutions for many of the problems new Internet marketers face.

Even if you are new to Internet Marketing, or you have a great deal of experience, the whole process is EASIER than it ever has been, now with Talk Fusion. We all know experience makes us better as we go. When the experience can happen easily and rapidly, you will be making money in your business as soon as you get started with Talk Fusion!

Shhh… Can You Hear The “TALK”?

Right now is the time to listen to the sounds of the “TALK”! Time has finally come to no longer accept that home business have massive failure rates on many levels! Let Talk Fusion change the platform in which you communicate and you will be the standing out with the most effective communicators!

Finally, EASY solutions are available to take ANY business to a new level. Nowhere on the Internet, are Commissions are being paid IMMEDIATELY! People who had never made any money on the Internet are now are making regular sales and have regular bank deposits to prove it!

The Talk Fusion Opportunity is Worldwide…


There are now estimated to be somewhere between 55 – 89+ million entrepreneurs in the United States today. Every one of you is looking to market your products or services EASILY and fast! Talk Fusion is here and can do that! Why is this important to you? Because, to be the first… you must be the BEST!

Also, there are estimated to be 400+ million entrepreneurs world-wide in 54 countries. The Internet is the only level business playing field… if you have what it takes to play! How will you get ALL the knowledge you need to play? Talk Fusion already has experience in 130+ countries, so now is the time to make this communication platform part of your business tools!

Time is ticking and to change ALL preconceived notions about making money online, things have moved fast! Now, many entrepreneurs, both experienced and newbies, are flocking to Talk Fusion. You too can see what the excitement is all about!

So… Why is Talk Fusion “The ONE”?

  • Every entrepreneur is looking for a way to make the marketing part of their business to be basically on autopilot. Talk Fusion has a multitude of options to communicate in just about any situation using the internet. For both personal and business.



  • Talk Fusion can ALSO be used with ANY MLM, Direct Sales or Affiliate Marketing home business. No longer do you have to learn about what does not fit you before you find what you are looking for to exactly meet your needs! If you are STILL reading this article and you will most likely seek out other reviews on the Internet to check out Talk Fusion. Do it…. When I did, I found lots of positive commentary.
  • Talk Fusion is already duplicated for you. That means that you will not have to teach and train your team to use this as a secondary income. Include this with all the other marketing for your company. With those skills, you will be able to market anything for as long as you want!

The ONE for YOU and the ONE for Others YOU KNOW!

Do you like to share about your home business MLM or Direct Sales Company? How would you like to get paid to share about how you love to use and love Talk Fusion each day? Others are looking for what you have found. Learn How to Earn with Talk Fusion here. The Talk Fusion group of products have something for every Entrepreneur.

Learn techniques others use to succeed in marketing with markets you may not have dreamed about yet. This will take your business to new levels with more new ideas! Someone is looking for what you have to offer! The volume of communicating you can do effectively with these most powerful tools will allow you to apply what you learn immediately with the freedom to learn as fast or as you need to, right in your own time.

Before YOU JOIN Talk Fusion & Other Entrepreneurs Discover This Is the ONE…

  1. Commit to YOUR Personal Growth. Making a decision to start Talk Fusion with the BEST intentions and focus will boost your success.
  2. Commit to the ease of learning how Internet communciation has changed with Talk Fusion. Take your business to any level you desire, but at no additional cost!
  3. Take Action! Change your future NOW! Learn how profitable these products ARE for you & start sharing Talk Fusion with others so they can be as successful as you are.

Join Talk Fusion NOW!

Quote From The Tote: “Pushing for the order too soon will chase your great prospects, leads, and contacts away. Patience is your mantra.

All good things come to those who wait! That is why elephants love their babies so much! It takes forever to grow one! Your rewards will show in customer loyalty, repeat business and an abundance of referrals from the best marketing tool of all, word of mouth!” ~ By Genie Craff  Stallin’ Callin’  Money Making Phone Calls – Working From Home

Visit the Genie Craff blog for more articles and books.

© Genie Craff Enterprises, LLC 2015










Help Launch This Amazing New Product and Introduce This Stellar Company To The World

By Brian and Jeff On June 4, 2013 NO COMMENTS


Allow me to introduce this amazing ‘work from home’ opportunity to you. It’s soooooo easy and the face serum is fantastic. No systems to buy! Just wash your face and apply the serum. Results are so fast!


NusentialAD provides the satisfaction of real results with the confidence of real science. NusentialAD Age-Defying Serum is developed from the extracts of the Nerium oleander plant and the buds of the European Beech Tree. NusentialAD contains the most effective age-defying ingredients, chosen for both their individual and synergistic benefits. These premium ingredients are blended at optimum levels to nourish your skin and provide real results.

This is a great home business that can be started for a commitment of under $13. Once you have your 3, your own product is free. The compensation plan is outstanding as is the product. Please ask me any questions that you may have as I’ll be glad to help you along every step of the way.


This wonderful anti-aging serum is fantastic for men and women alike. You’ll wonder how you ever got by without it in the past. The AD stands for ‘Age-Defying’.

Free, self-replicating website, capture pages and banner. Easiest business ever!


A Multi-Level Marketing Review of Stacy McBride Collections

By Brian and Jeff On April 15, 2013 NO COMMENTS

Are you still in doubt whether Stacy McBride Collections can propel you towards achieving financial freedom? Well, read this review and hopefully you will notice that indeed it is the next big thing that you have been waiting for.

The company was launched in 2010 by Stacy Ryan. It was started basically as a way to empower women to make money by engaging in home based businesses. In addition, the program is meant to instill confidence in women so that they can gather the necessary effort that is essential for success. Together with her husband, Stacy Ryan owns several shops in the entire Pacific North west.

Which Products Are Sold by Stacy McBride Collections?

The company deals in womens Jewelry like Bracelets, Necklaces, Rings and accessories. Basically, the company offers affordable products to women who love pampering themselves. Getting started with only $199.00, rest assured that you can get going with this firm. Also, included in the plan, you will enjoy the following benefits;

Consultant Success Plans
Receipt Books
Opportunity Brochures
The Company’s Display Sign
On-Line Training Manuals
Full Time Access to a Well Equipped Educational Library.

How Will You Make Money With This Firm?

There are two ways of making money once you are a member;

You earn 25-30% on all your personal sales.
You earn up to 18% on all the team sales i.e. from your own first level recruits.

How To Promote Your Sales

Being a business opportunity, it means that there should be sound approaches to promote the sales. Some of the effective sales promotion techniques include;

Personal Contacts
Home Parties

Always bear in mind that any sales promotion technique has unique benefits that come along. The benefits come in the form of earnings and free items.

Basically, Stacy McBride collections is a party-plan company that supplies Jewelry as well as other accessories through networks of independent consultants. If you are a member (hostess) of the firm, you will earn half the price as well as free products if you host any qualifying party. If two or more quests book their own parties, then a hostess will get a certificate that allows her to buy a special booking gift that has a value of $50 for only $10. That is to say you will purchase an item valued at $50 for only $10.

The Bottom Line

Stacy McBride Collections is an equal opportunity Party Plan Company. There is nothing to worry about this program since it is real and several others have tried and they have loved it. It only demands a step to be taken and the logic will unfold clearly. If you get the chance to read the customer reviews about this program, you will definitely notice that the company aims to empower financially.

One thing that fascinates me about the company is its products. It specializes in sale of jewelry. Women love jewelry and they will put a lot of effort to ensure that they purchase the jewelry that impresses them. If you seek excellence in any business, and are a woman, I always advise that you go for a business that deals in women items like jewelry and cosmetics.

A Review of Chews-4-Health International

By Brian and Jeff On April 15, 2013 NO COMMENTS

Chews-4-Health International is a home based business opportunity whose head quarters are in Wilmington, North Carolina. It is headed by reputable health experts who have beaten all the odds to ensure that the company offers the best to the world. According to the reviews that have been given concerning the company, it is evident that it’s focus is to enhance the standards of living of its members.

The company was founded in April, 2008 by Dr. David Friedman. David Friedman is a renowned nutritionist who has spent several years carrying out research in the health sector. He has even hosted several television shows that were meant to sensitize the public on healthy living.

The company markets a product that is identified as ‘chews-4-health’. As the name suggests, the firm specializes in enhancing the health status of its members. Chew-4-health is a natural supplement that is introduced into the body by chewing. It contains vitamins, amino acids, minerals, trace minerals, antioxidants and several other substances that are essential for healthy living. It is a delicious supplement that has been formulated under hygienic conditions.

Getting Started With Chews-4-Health International

With this firm, you can build your business for as low as $39.00 per month. That is not all. In addition to the profits that you will earn, the company has a compensation plan whereby you will earn up to 24% in commissions. Don’t forget that the Chew-for-Health Company has six methods which can be adopted to earn commissions. Similarly, a 3% Global Bonus Pool of nineteen international markets.

There is also a back office that is provided to active members. The back office is a free service that is designed to provide the members with genealogy reports among other services like letters that convey updated information to the members. It should be remembered that the commissions that are earned by qualified members will receive personalized Chew-4-Health Debit cards and Master cards. The earned commissions will be credited to the debit cards regularly i.e. on a weekly basis.

Ideally, there is nothing to worry about with Chew-4-Life International. Reviews that are posted by the members are impressive and they give a hint that the company has something in store for every new member. As you can see, their mode of payment is reliable and above all, it is accessible to all considering the fact that withdrawing foreign funds is a problem in most countries. The company has made it possible to withdraw the earnings in the most flexible way that will not pose any challenge to the members.

The bottom line If you have read this article, definitely, you have realized that the company can assist you in two ways;

It will assist you to lead a healthy life and
It is a real avenue to build a financially stable background through working from home.

It is therefore advisable to take the next step. The best thing to do is to take some action by contacting the firm for details on how to get started. Surely, you will never regret every step that you take in trying to work with this company.

South Hill Designs – Cloud Design Jewelry

By Brian and Jeff On April 15, 2013 NO COMMENTS

The fashion statement to live a good life is now available in your imagination. Well the new home to create unique jewelry is the design brand known as “South Hill Designs.” It began raging with the public in 2012. Having discussed that it was launched in Arizona, USA; the company was spreading across the United States of America.

The artists have made this obvious attempt to shine jewelry. But this was not a surprising growth as the company started to make women beautiful. The effect of customers’ interpretation to make jewelry proven to be useful. An instant thump to shine, the ultimate need for the company is to bring happiness and prosperity thereby making women beautiful.

Audacious to be different “South Hill Designs” is led by the concept of direct sales marketing. The urge to do it right was maintained by two guys Joe Ochoa and Brian Palmer. Both of them shared a bright success in corporate America with sales and marketing, science and technology. The effective step to represent every woman is the mission represented by this executive team. But the real story to plan every party is headed by a sales and marketing team.

The constant quality of good jewelry by means of productivity and creativity is indeed a demand in “South Hill Designs”. To fetch this activity the business is dedicated to nourish personal jewelry, bringing new traits in designing and some new concepts for customers. The creation of one kind jewelry can satisfy the need so that they can love to buy. The power of this technology and business system helps support growth. The community to join with a free hand can give you rewards. The financial need will be put in your hand as the customer buys jewelry with good company support.

A perfect compensation is waiting on each and every sale that increases the volume of company profit. There are two kinds of sales you can make. The first one is personal retail accommodation and the second one is group retail accommodation. The artists have to interact with the customers according to their purchases. The system is capable of making huge business by adding new members from any working associate. In that case, the group bonus benefit will be provided with the support of enrolled members. The commission plan is fabulous where you can earn up to 20 per cent to 40 per cent. The entire package is made for associates to earn as much they want.

Beautiful products are literally being sold with a great value to customers. This is best way to enjoy unlimited fun and satisfying freedom. The reason for being in a community is for people to show their work at social events. This will suggest implication for them to make “one of a kind kind modern jewelry”.

The best part about “South Hill Deigns” is the parties. The great pleasurable parties are being hosted so people can tell their stories and so they can create one of a kind jewelry. Here there are no sales as it is meant for customers to get together and show off their work. The party is considered a social cause so that you can expect fun, laughter while at the same time making a deal.

A Network Marketing Review of MiVeda

By Brian and Jeff On April 15, 2013 NO COMMENTS

MiVeda is a Multi-Level Marketing company that specializes in offering nutritional products and other personal care items. Currently, the Indian residents have the products at their disposal and therefore every Indian (or anyone else for that matter) has no reason not to benefit from the firm’s amazing products.

Which products can be obtained from MiVeda?

The wonderful products from the company include:

Dental Care Items
Hair Care Items
Skin Vare Products and
Nutritional Supplements

The good thing about these products is that they are produced under hygienic conditions and that no harmful item is used as an ingredient during their preparation. If you have been keen on the common products that some companies use, you may have noticed that several products do contain harmful ingredients. If you seek to get the best, ensure that the products that you use contain no harmful ingredients.

What Are The Goals of This Company?

Having noticed the fact that our bodies are subjected to harmful products, the experts from the MiVeda Company have come to our rescue. The company aims to provide effective products that can be used by all without subjecting the body to any harmful side effects. They seek to achieve their goal by registering distributors who will market the products while they (the distributors) better their lives financially. Basically, the company aspires to change our lives in two ways:

By offering quality products
By granting chances to earn a living by becoming a distributor.

How Can I Enroll In This Business Opportunity?

This could be a question that is confusing you. I will explain how to get started with MiVeda. To begin with, you should understand that you are not required to pay for registration. However, for the registration to be confirmed, a new distributor is required to purchase 4000 INR of the products in the initial order. Once that has been accomplished, the registration will then be confirmed and this means that the road to a financially stable future will commence.

The Companies Compensation Plan

There is a number of criteria that is used by the company to compensate the distributors. The good news is that the plan is clear and can be easily understood regardless of the language that an individual understands. There are several donations and rewards that will be enjoyed by the distributors. The compensation plan has been designed in such a way that fast and long term income is enjoyed.

It should be noted that the company offers no personal bonuses but pooled bonuses are available to distributors who manage to hit a certain target. For the bonuses to be received, an individual should personally purchase products of a value of 4000INR during the month to receive the bonus. Oh! Did I mention, marketing and training programs are offered for free to all the distributors provided that certain requirements are fulfilled.

The Bottom Line

This article may not exhaust all the details about this amazing business opportunity. It is advisable to contact the firm so that every detail on how to get started can be captured. Do not miss this opportunity!

Zermat International – A Network Marketing Review

By Brian and Jeff On April 15, 2013 NO COMMENTS

Zermat International was founded in 1987 by Mr. Adelfo Enriquez who is the current President and Mr. Omar Enriquez Rios who is the General Director. The company conducts its business based on the Multi Level Marketing model where an individual client buys products for their own use and for resale. The company offers the client a 50% discount on their very first purchase so that when the client sells the products to friends and family, they immediately recover their costs and are left with a handsome profit which they can then reinvest back into the business.

This ensures that they are continuously making profit thereby increasing their income earnings substatially. This business model is very beneficial especially to those people who yearn for financial independence and would like to work from home. They are able to regulate their own work schedules and earn as much as they want, as long as they follow the steps provided for by the company for their success in this business.

Zermat International deals with beauty products for the whole family, from the Baby Boomers to babies. These products range from Fragrances which include brands like Baby Michelle Cologne especially formulated for a baby’s tender skin, and other brands for men and women. These include ZFC Seduccion roll-on deodorant, Body Cologne and Giselle roll-on deodorant.

There are several body care products which include brands like Body Evolution, Naturalezza, Happy Skin, Kiwi, Spa Chocholate, Essential and Secret Selection. The Skin care products are Royal Jelly, Zermat for Men, Zermat Skin, Platinum Series and Maximum Repair. Make up kits Eleganzza and Eleganzza Reflex are just fabulous. Zermat International products caters to the entire family, babies and kids have not been left out. The products under this category include Baby Zermat which is an all inclusive kit ranging from baby powder to baby shampoo, baby colognes, baby oil and baby soap. Others are Costanza which is a body cream with glitters, Kiddyzs, Tatiana and Xtreme baby items.

The most outstanding thing about Zermat International is the incomparable business opportunity available for anyone who yearns for financial freedom. They offer all the necessary training and tools reqired to help you succeed in the business. They offer a start up kit to make sure you familiarize yourself well with their products and they also give you a success proven business plan which enables you to start off in the right direction. The benefits of doing business with this company far outweigh just buying their products only.

You get a whopping 50% discount on your first purchase which sets the profits ball rolling for you. There is the freedom of becoming your own boss and being in charge of your time. There are incentives over and above the stipulated commissions when you go out of your way to attain the sales targets. Your efforts do not go unrecognized as your success story will be highlighted in the company’s publications and national events. International trips are a distant dream to many but it will turn out to be a dream come true for those who endeavor to tap into this unrivaled business opportunity.

DXN Network Marketing – How Can This Make You Wealthy?

By Brian and Jeff On April 15, 2013 NO COMMENTS

Ever wonder why most of the DXN MLM distributors easily rake in big bucks just selling their DXN products and recruiting downline distributors with ease? Sure, the internet provides you with the most powerful channels and tools for selling and marketing these products, as well as recruiting your downline distributors. Nevertheless, the true secret of making big bucks and building a massive team does not lie so much on the tools or channels available to you and even not this company, but it lies within you.

How To Generate Leads For DXN?

Everyone wants a healthy, vigorous, and good life, but as reality speaks, these things are often difficult to achieve. This can ultimately leads to different health complications and problems. Each day someone is experiencing body aches or flaws, but with the right supplements, you can have the lifestyle you want away from those negative complications and problems with your body. The DXN is one of the most excellent herbal food supplements on the market that gives you not only a healthy lifestyle, but also a wealthy one. This is a non-polluted mushroom with miraculous components and helps you keep up a healthy body, especially with your weight management.

You will notice that your body function is reinstating all of your energy and strength and your body is in excellent condition when you are taking these supplements. It is necessary to note how you can be successful earning big bucks, but also build a team with the help of those who are already in this business. This MLM is the best opportunity for all who want to expand their business on a superior level, because you and your downline distributors are aided by experts, so increasing yout income will be easy. However, you cannot do this without doing the following:

1.) Producing Good Leads – This is your focus for marketing your products and you must know the tricks for producing these leads. Bear in mind that these MLM leads will help you attract potential customers and clients that will become your downline distributors.

2.) Maintaining Good Relationships – This is your next priority. A good relationship will help your customers and clients to trust your services and they will help you expand your business to the other clients and customers when they are happy and satisfied with your products.

3.) Promoting Using The Right Methods – You should start advertising with Google, Bing, and other search engines and marketing platforms that will get your business exposed properly. Keep in mind that overall exposure is what you need for producing and generating good leads then building and maintaining good relationships.

There you have it! These are simple, yet so incredibly accurate and you just have these attributes in place to embrace the DXN opportunity. The key to becoming a huge success in this opportunity lies in the above 3 methods, so make these your top priorities and you will not fail. You should know how this opportunity could easily change your life and help you earn as much as you can. As a result, the DXN MLM makes a big difference!

MLM – Review of Ganolife

By Brian and Jeff On April 15, 2013 NO COMMENTS

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), also known as Network Marketing, is a popular marketing strategy where the sales people can profit not only form some margins on the products they sold, but also on the sales by other sales people that are introduced to the company through their efforts. So, the more people you introduce to this business, the higher the profits you can man make from it through multiple levels of compensation. This strategy is also aptly called as Associate Marketing or Pyramid Marketing.

Although considered as one of the most successful forms of marketing methods, it also attracted severe criticism from some business experts for its direct strategy on increasing the sales force rather than focusing on the merit of the products that are being sold. MLM Companies primarily rely on word-of-the-mouth publicity and often implement very few or no advertising campaigns through media.

One of such upcoming MLM companies is Ganolife. We present here a short review on what this company offers and how it is received by the market.

What is Ganolife?

Ganolife is a new Network Marketing company that imbibes the extracts from Ganoderma Lucidum into coffee powder and sells it in different flavours. Ganoderma is actually a mushroom that has anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties that help us to avoid several cancers and heart diseases. The company manufactures these mushrooms in a controlloed environment and through a patented process called Ganoderma 365.

Product Range:

This company has very limited product range. It sells 7 different flavors of coffee powder named as follows:

Latte 365
Mocca 365
Chocolate 365
Black 365
Vitashield Immunalife 365

There is also a capsule available with high concentration levels of Ganoderma Lucidum and it is called Vitashield Ganolife 365.

Business Strategy:

The company gives three ranks for its sales force – X1, X2 and X3. With increases in sales, you will be promoted to the higher levels. This company also offers good bonuses to people who show steady product sales.

Overall Review:

Although Ganolife is a new company in this sector, we can say that it started out in a right manner to reach their target customers. Its selection of a single product line that integrates health with coffee is a great idea, but only time will tell if it will be received well by the market.

The product quality is decent, but Ganolife suffers from the same drawback most other MLM companies do. The details of the products and their exact health benefits are not clearly stated on their website. All their website boasts about is how you can become their member and make good money. This strategy is very inefficient especially when you are selling health products whose details have to be stated clearly.

Also, the company implements an age-old marketing process like selling the products to your friends, co-workers and relatives. The picture of MLM marketing has completely transformed with the interactive campaigns that are being introduced. So, although the company sells good and 100% genuine products, it is a little behind in innovative marketing campaigns when compared with MLM giants like Amway. However, as the company is just starting out, we cannot expect any out-of-the-box marketing methods from it right now.

This smells of a golden opportunity for some heavy hitter to come along and get them off the ground.

GoFun Places Review – Earn Rewards And Save Money

By Brian and Jeff On April 15, 2013 NO COMMENTS

GoFun Places is an exciting new opportunity for those who are looking to start a business from home and earn rewards and save money while doing it. This company offers great items such as golf clubs, Apple iPads, and laptops as well as great discounts on luxury resorts, hotels, cruises, vehicles and more. You will be able to make money from the comfort of home and enjoy great discounts on products you already love. Want to travel? This opportunity will help you finally make your dream vacation a reality.

This Multi-Level Marketing company is operated by experienced, industry leaders that is headquartered in San Francisco, California. Backed by a financially sound corporation in Hong Kong, this company creates ways for people to save money with discounts on various leisure products and luxury travel destinations through an online shopping mall. Members can save from 80-95% on all their favorite products. GoFun Places seeks to become a major force in the network marketing industry. They base their business purely on ethical and professional practices with over 100,000 plus Distributors worldwide as of December 2012.

GoFun Places helps their affiliates build and market their businesses with Fast Start Training, exclusive weekly webinars and team training calls designed to build their customer bases and market their businesses correctly both online and offline. You will get help building and setting up your websites and social media, custom spreadsheets and calculators to help you track your sales, and learn the latest tricks and tips for maximizing your business. You will also get access to the latest online marketing strategies and online applications that will help you simplify the daily tasks involved in running your business. If you need help, one-on-one support is available for any concerns, questions, or technical difficulties you may have.

There are many different ways to make money. One is through retail sales. As an affiliate, you will get your own shopping mall and auction websites where you will earn a commission every time someone comes to your site and purchases an item. You also earn a commission every time someone decides to purchase a membership through you. You will then get commissions from everything they sell through their websites.

Those who wish to become affiliates earn money giving away free stuff to others so they can see whether or not they like the program risk free. As you do this, you will receive one reward credit towards their company pool. No recruiting is necessary with this program. The Daily Business Builder Pool allows you up to 50% of the company’s profits each day you qualify.

To get started as an affiliate, one needs to create a new account online. Signing up is free. Once the account is created, all you have to do is upgrade your account. Subscriptions cost $20-$100 per month. Then purchase a Premier Package. These packages contain a specific number of products depending on the package chosen and costs anywhere from $150-$12,500. This an excellent opportunity to check out to see if it is right for you.

iScentU – MLM Redefined

By Brian and Jeff On April 15, 2013 NO COMMENTS

A well kept home or office creates a conducive ambience for the indoors as well as enhancing the beauty and appeal of your home or office. Good scents go a long way in achieving the ideal home or office environment. Providing home or office owners with products that will offer the best fragrances in the market as well as create a business opportunity to society is what iScentU is all about. iScentU has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas in the USA. The Company was founded in the year 2011 to enable consultants to deliver high quality natural air products such as diffusers to the public.

The products from the company are highly acknowledged in the market, this is backed by the many years the company has been providing the products to the market hence being highly knowledgeable. The natural air products are sourced from very credible manufacturers who produce high quality products that result from intensive research and testing carried out by universities, seasoned chemists, certified perfumers etc.

The manufacturers include Scenter products as well as stone wick natural air products that were founded in 2004. The diffusers and other fragrance products are manufactured in USA and comply with the Federal Clean Air Act thus are safe for human use as well as the environment. The company is a debt free business that is accredited by BBB as well as being highly ranked by the business community with a rating of A+.

The scents contain top grade ingredients that are sourced from all over the world to bring out unique fragrances that are patented to ensure that no other aroma is similar. The products are only sold through consultants and therefore not available in the retail chain stores, this ensures that only genuine products are circulating in the market as well as minimizes the occurrence of cheap knock offs. The product designs feature 1, 2 or 3 boxed sets, contemporary glass, cut glass, krystalique lamps, mini lamps, platinum wicks, polished steel and gift sets among many other accessories.

To encourage the entrepreneurship spirit and develop the community, iScentU uses consultants to market the products. The service gives the consultant an income as well as improving the social status. The marketer may choose to work part time or full time from the comfort of their home thus adding fun and flexibility to the whole venture. New consultants earn a commission of 22% on all product sales.

The company also allows a consultant to host iScentU fragrance parties where the company offers the products at half price, as well as choosing from their choice of free products and discounts from 15-30 percent. The consultant also earns $25 for every $100 when the guest sales go above the $1000 threshold. Party orders are delivered directly to the guests with free shipping.

All products come with the manufacturer’s guarantee of being free from any manufacturing defects as well as a flexible return policy. If a customer is unhappy with a product, they may return the fragrance within the first 30 days and have the item exchanged or given a refund of 100%. The approval is done within 3 days, then the refund takes about a week to process after this.

A Review of Smart Media Technologies

By Brian and Jeff On April 15, 2013 NO COMMENTS

Perhaps you think Smart Media Technologies is a scam because you don’t trust the good things that they have in store for you. Well, I respect the way you think but I want you to believe that the company is real and that you need to work with it if you seek to have financial stability. By reading this article, you will come to conclude that the company is what you have been waiting for so that you secure the financial freedom that you have been longing for.

I have conducted a series of investigations about this enterprise and I have every reason to say that the company offers a great opportunity to make a living through the internet. I will explain how it works.

How Does Smart Media Technologies Work?

Basically, the company is one of those companies that allow the sale of products as you earn commissions. This company markets their product as ‘home page pays’. I know that you are wondering when I mentioned ‘homepage pays’ since the home page is a free site. The fact that it is free makes it an amazing one. Members can get paid for the clicks on free members as well as on impressions. If you have no idea of how home page operates, here is a small summary of the websites best deals.

Home page Pays is basically a website that grants an opportunity to play games, win prizes and obtain software. It also has bargain finders. It is a must-use engine that enables a person to find the best deals while shopping. The main advantage of working with Home Page Pays is that everything is free.

The mode of earning using this Smart media item is multiple. Earnings can be from getting new members to the site. When you are successful getting new members to subscribe with Home Page Pays, you will earn money with impressions as well as get clicks on your web ads. On the other hand, getting a rep into the company will act as a qualification to earn multiple income streams. If you get a rep into Smart Media Technologies, you will earn $25, $50,or even $150 for every rep. Payment can be on multiple levels.

Honestly, Smart Media Technologies is real. As opposed to several other which appear fishy, you have every reason to trust this Network Marketing company since it is designed to help you achieve your financial goals. It may be hard to believe and for you to have enough confidence, do not hesitate to contact the company any time to get fresh information on how to get started.

It is among easiest companies to get started if you aspire to make good sums by working online. Several others have tried out this company and believe me, they have smiled all the way to the bank. The way the company operates is so unique and it is not easy to find another company that operates in a similar way. I am yet to find another company that is willing to pay others for directing new customers.

An Unbiased Telexfree Review

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Telexfree is an MLM Company that deals in telephone services. It was launched in Brazil in January 2012. Apart from offering an efficient and affordable phone service, the company also provides legitimate and lucrative earning opportunities to its members. The founder of the company is James Merrill, an economics graduate from the Westfield State University.

The company’s product is known as 99TelexFree – it is an application which enables users to make unlimited calls to mobile phones and landlines within Brazil, Canada and the USA at just $49.99 per month. Customers can also choose to become a promoter and buy a membership which enables them to earn passive income by posting advertisements on free websites. The company envisages the combination of two rapidly growing markets, namely communication and advertising.

Many multilevel marketing companies have earned a bad reputation for the simple reason that they offer useless generic products. However, 99TelexFree is a genuinely good product that delivers value to its customers. It utilizes a technology known as VoIP which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol.

In layman’s terms, this technology uses an internet connection to make phone calls and this keeps calling costs ridiculously low. VoIP has revolutionized the communication industry and has been successfully implemented in a number of countries and organizations. This indicates that the product is practical and efficient. One of the greatest advantages of the product is that customers can try the video calling software for free for 1 hour – before making the actual purchase.

Individuals who choose to promote the product are required to purchase a membership which is also known as an AdCentral. Such a membership costs $299.00 per year. Each member can have between 1 to 5 accounts. A person who holds 5 accounts has an ‘AdCentral Family Membership’ which costs $1375.00 per annum.

Members are required to post at least one advertisement per day on free websites and internet classifieds. They earn commissions through the sales generated by their ads. The company offers a 5×5 matrix plan for compensating members on the sales of 99TelexFree and a binary plan for recruitment of other members. Thus, a member earns $100.00 on the sale of an AdCentral Family Membership and $10.00 on the sale of a single AdCentral membership.

The fact that members are not required to make desperate sales pitches makes the selling process entirely stress free. Since ads are posted online, a video presentation does all the selling! Automated sales ensure that even people who have little or no experience in sales have good conversion rates. Perhaps the only downside to the membership plan is the relatively high initial investment.

The membership costs close to 300 US dollars and this can deter some individuals from becoming a promoter. However, it is important to note that apart from having unlimited opportunities to earn a substantial income, a member can also make free calls for a year. This ensures that the member does not lose money in any case and makes the investment totally devoid of risk.

Telexfree is one of the few multilevel marketing companies which have a fantastic product. The company has generated prolific sales and has grown exponentially since in inception. It already has more than 370,000 members and 23 of those have become millionaires!

A Jubirev Review: Can This MLM Company Really Make Things Bigger and Better?

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Two years ago, the revenue sharing model revolutionized the network marketing industry, and since then, other MLM companies have been trying to match the success of this pioneering company. Just when people thought things couldn’t get any better, Jubirev stirred things up with products, and a marketing system and compensation plan that seem capable of outdoing the success of the pioneer revenue sharing model.

Company Overview

Jubirev is a UK-based company and the marketing arm of the JubiMax Company. It does look like the company is living up to its name. Jubi is derived from Jubilant, which means triumphant, euphoric and delighted, and the company claims that they want the customers and the promoters to have a sense of these feelings. “Rev” is derived from revolution, which admittedly is what the company seems to have caused, considering the sheer number of people who have already set-up teams even before the company’s launch.


JubiMax Company, just like most MLM companies, offers physical products as well as virtual products. They offer wellness products: weight loss products, energy and vitality products, as well as skin care products.

They also operate a travel booking engine where Jubipoints could be used to cover the fees, wherever in the world the destination may be. This travel club is not the only offer that will let you save loads of money; the company also has a rebate mall which will let you take advantage of huge discounts on your purchases.

Compensation Plan

Jubirev marketers, or Promoters, earn money in a lot of ways. As a promoter, your primary goal is to accumulate Jubipoints, which can be converted into cash or used to pay for your membership fee.

The promoter can earn points by giving away product samples, as well as Jubicards, which are preloaded with Jubibucks that can be used to get major discounts on their purchases. Whatever Jubipoint balance you have can then “earn” more for up to 105 days, thanks to the revenue sharing model. The promoter would have to do his share of marketing by placing ads though.

This is what makes Jubirev different from all the other MLM companies out there; the money you earn does not depend on the number of people you recruit. While it is true that you do get revenue from the points earned by your personal sign-ups (people who signed up under your team), that is not the only way to make big money. This is what makes the company a true-blue multi-level-marketing company.

Promoters earn a commission through recruitment at three levels: 10% at the first, 5% at the second level, and 1% at the third. If recruiting is not your thing, don’t worry because you can still earn 0.5% commission on the recruits that your team members made for up to the 8th level.

Why Join Now

The best time to join the network is now, since being a fast starter will let you be part of a team with a Jubi point balance that can grow faster every day. In fact, even before the company’s launch, a lot of experienced marketers such as Coach Van of Zeek Rewards already started setting up a team and planning marketing strategies.

The program is great for both leaders and members; leaders have the power to place members however they want, and whoever gets to be placed gets to earn money. With this setup, members would be more than happy to perform well and leaders would make sure that they could provide guidance and support.

The company may be new but it does offer what most MLM companies could not; the promoter’s ability to earn money without having to recruit lots of people, and a broad product line that that provides the needs of multiple niches.

A Review of the Fantasia Home Parties Network Marketing Company

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When it comes to adult stuff, there is nothing which surpasses experience in this field. Fantasia Home Parties is the right option to turn to, this company has over 25 years experience in selling of all the adults toys and products and are usually delivered by the customers at home parties. Products sold by this company include all adult toys like anal lubes, Ben-wa balls, blow-up dolls, butt plugs, vibrators, massagers and other more adult products. This would be a great company to join if you knew people who owned adult book stores.

This Network Marketing Company is greatly committed to its customers and holds their privacy as the company’s highest priority. At fantasia, the consultants display the adult toys and other products. They then take different orders from their clients privately, so as to ensure that all the guest selection is personal to each of its clients. The delivery is then done according to your own specific selection at the highest level of privacy; this is always done at the customers own home parties. There is no need to hassle when you want adult toys to be delivered to your door step.

The party hostesses who order fantasia products are well taken care of; they receive 10% of the shopping credit on the total party sales, half price off products for every 200 dollars in party sales and half price items for each party booked. Hosting fantasia parties is very rewarding, you not only enjoy their variety of products but also reduced product prices and included bonus that come with hosting it.

The company is built on simple but firm goals that is to ensure passion, romance and sensuality for all its clients. This may look quite simple but really sends out a strong message that fantasia parties are committed to ensure everyone enjoys their sexuality in life by providing all kinds of toys they may need to achieve this feeling.

How do you enroll in Fantasia Home Parties? If you want to get enrolled as one of the consultants in fantasia parties, you can do so by acquiring one of the three business kits that is convenient for you. The business kits are priced at the following prices $99.00, $195.00 and $395.00. The company steps in and offers its assistance for the two most expensive kit options once you have enrolled people into this company.

The fantasia business kits includes the product samples that are offered by fantasia parties together with its supplies, a 50% buying discount and a personalized website for each client. Once you have acquired this kit, you are qualified to be a consultant of Fantasia Company.

The compensation plan for their entire consultants team is very attractive. The fantasia romance company consultants can choose to deliver the products on their own to their clients or let the company deliver the direct orders to the clients. When delivering personally to their clients, consultants earn up to 50 percent commission the total sales and when the company does the delivery to the customers, they earn 30 to 40 percent commission. Fantasia Home Parties is the best company to solve your needs for all adult toys with utmost convenience and privacy.

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